Social or Loser

Remember the grade school days? Where everyone wanted to be friends with the new kid in town. The teacher would introduce the person and everyone would raise their hand to show that person around and hang out with them. Well… those days are long gone.

I think most people agree that making friends as an adult sucks ass. No one wants to be friends with anyone and finding people with the same interest that live in the same area is tough. Also consider people are extremely judgmental and most like will talk about you behind your back.

But really let me tell you how horrible it is to be an adult girl trying to make friends. For guys its simple it’s like 1 guy clicks with another guy and BAM he fits right in with the wolf pack. Girls are a whole different story. You have to remember as an adult most girls have had their group of friends for a while. So lets say you meet a girl and she’s awesome and you guys are getting to know each other. Just remember before you become her friend you need to go through her 7 dwarfs. You have the Bitchy one, the Lazy one, the Shit talker, the Pretty one, the Stoner, The Cool chick, and the Party girl. You have to meet all those 7 dwarfs to be part of the click and they decide if you make it or not. Kinda sounds like dating right?

Welcome to adult hood and making friends. It completely sucks at first but eventually you do find friends that you can do stuff and it does get easier. My experience moving to San Diego and not knowing a single person was hard. What helped me was having a hobby like moto and eventually I started meeting girls at the track and I had to woman up and make a move. I introduced myself to any girls I saw at the track so I could have friends. It’s hard work and it takes courage but eventually you meet people and have friends.

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